Benefits of Hotel RFID Cards

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Benefits of Hotel RFID Cards

Hotel RFID cards have the potential of changing the hospitality industry forever. They can be used at the point of sale, and they allow for easy tracking of sales and inventory, both critical areas in today's hotel business. Hotel owners may wonder if it is worth the effort to implement RFID technology into their hotels. There are a few factors that will help to make the case.

Firstly, hotel RFID cards can be used globally. This means that every time a guest purchases a room, the hotel can charge the customer's credit card using the technology. This can help to lower the outlay of operating a hotel, especially in a weak economy. The cards can be used instead of a membership card and this allows for greater flexibility when it comes to accepting credit and debit card payments.

Secondly, RFID technology is cheap to implement. Today it is possible to obtain and integrate the required hardware and software for the cards at an affordable cost. Most providers quote one dollar per transaction, which converts to about $.40 a day or about four or five thousand transactions per annum. To put this in perspective, this is less expensive than using cash or check, and in some cases costs less than a single tap-based transaction. Add to this the cost of maintaining the network and you see why RFID is becoming such a viable choice.

Thirdly, hotel RFID cards are also beneficial because they allow for greater flexibility. One of the main advantages is that they allow for the establishment of relationships with guests. For example, a hotel could issue a prepaid card that can only be used when a guest has paid up the balance. Once the balance is cleared, the card can then be reused for future purchases. This is particularly useful for hotels that offer special discounts for members of a club or other organisation.

Hotel RFID cards are also of benefit to guests. Since they contain crucial information about a person, they are safe and secure and can help prevent fraud. Many hotels are now issuing their guests identification cards at the time of reservation. It may seem like an unnecessary addition, but it actually serves a number of purposes. Some guests will carry their cards with them, so they will know who they are and where they are going to be staying. This may not seem important to you, but in the current economy, it can make a huge difference if your business depends on repeat business.

The benefits of hotel RFID cards are clear. They are fast, efficient, convenient, and useful. They reduce costs, add flexibility, and allow for better customer care. With all of these benefits in mind, any hotel with an application should be seriously considering implementing RFID into their business.

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