Bluetooth Hotel Door Lock

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Bluetooth Hotel Door Lock

A Bluetooth hotel door lock connects wirelessly to a guest's phone via an app. A key factor is proximity to the door, so the user must be within six feet of the door to unlock it. This eliminates the need to swipe a physical key card and makes handovers easy. It is also more secure, as it does not store data on the device. Bluetooth hotel door locks are a great option for hotels that have guests with mobile devices.

Depending on the type of inn, a Bluetooth hotel door lock can also be programmed to send an unlock password to guests. Some lock systems require an Internet connection, while others don't. Either way, it is safe to use these locks. A number of innkeepers are choosing to use the last four digits of a guest's phone number as the unlock code. Some locks allow you to program start and end times, too, so you can program a different code for check-in and check-out. Some locks also allow you to program the start and end times, so you can program a specific number of minutes after the guest has checked in and out of a room.

In addition to being contactless, BLE hotel door locks offer an additional benefit: they eliminate the need for a keycard. Guests can check-in online without having to go through a front desk, and then simply hold their smartphone up to the door sensor, which will read the encrypted key. While this technology can be confusing to guests who aren't tech-savvy, it can make life easier for hotel staff and guests alike.

The Bluetooth hotel door lock system can be controlled with the help of an APP. The app can be accessed via a mobile phone from anywhere and allows multiple users to access the room. It unlocks the door as soon as someone approaches it and locks it when they leave. This way, no one in the hotel is ever out of reach of the door. The smart lock also prevents strangers from entering a room. And because it is Bluetooth-enabled, this is even more convenient for busy hotel staff.

While the benefits of a Bluetooth hotel door lock are clear, the jury is still out on how well it will be integrated with other hotel systems. In some cases, Bluetooth enabled hotel door locks may take up to ten seconds to unlock, which is significantly longer than the time required for a key card. But NFC technology seems likely to win in this case. The smartphone-enabled locks will make checking-in and exiting easier for hotel guests.

One other popular type of Bluetooth hotel door lock involves the use of proximity access cards. This type of card has integrated antenna components, which allow it to communicate wirelessly with the lock. Unlike magnetic strips, RFID cards do not need to be inserted into the door. Swing bar door guards are installed on individual guest room doors. Swing bar door guards are an added security feature, and are useful when the guest needs to answer the door.

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