Choosing Hotel Door Lock System Suppliers

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Choosing Hotel Door Lock System Suppliers

If you own a hotel, you should have a hotel door lock system in place.hotel door lock system suppliers Most hotels, especially large hotels, have large numbers of guest room doors throughout the hotel premises. Therefore, security is a major priority for most hotel owners and it is important that the doors in each room are kept as safe as possible.

Many hotel door lock system suppliers provide security door alarms as well as other security products to ensure your guests are protected at all times. These can include key cards and coded cards which require members of staff to use them before they are given access to each individual room. The system will also provide an emergency call button, which can be activated by trained personnel should the need arise. Hotel door alarms are also provided, which will alert trained operators to any attempted forced entry into the building. They are connected to the intercom system and will sound an alarm if they detect any movement.

Most door lock system suppliers offer various types of door alarms, including card reader alarms, which are perfect for hotels with a high volume of guest rooms. They are simple to install and use and will usually be linked directly to the intercom system. Card reader alarms will alert you when a guest tries to enter a room and then a code is entered by the guest using a card. These cards can be purchased for use at your hotel or online from specialist suppliers. Card reader alarms can also be linked to intercom systems and may communicate with reception desks to relay messages to your staff.

You may also want to install a guest immobiliser or signature device, which can be installed on each door in the hotel. This is a simple but highly effective way to make sure that only people who are authorized by the hotel are allowed to enter certain areas of the hotel. Many companies, such as Ambit, offer a wide range of guest immobilisers from simple key chains through to high end ID cards that have a magnetic strip that cannot be removed once they have been secured. These devices can be bought from most major hotel door lock system suppliers and many of them are designed to fit in a discreetly hidden place in the door of any hotel room. There are no cables leading out of the door and they cannot be disabled once they have been secured.

You will need to choose a suitable type of locking system for your hotel. Security companies will be able to advise you on the best type of security to install in your hotel and their own individual range of locking devices, which are often wireless and therefore can easily be integrated into the existing door lock system. Some hotels, such as those with multiple entrances, will have an internal system that manages the entry and exit of guests, while other hotels will have separate internal controls. If you want to install a wireless door lock system, there are a number of excellent wireless options available. Your chosen security company should be able to provide you with advice on the different types of wireless locks available and their advantages and disadvantages.

Hotel door lock systems suppliers can offer you excellent advice about the various security options available, including how to use keywords to gain access to restricted areas and more complex entrance lock systems that require the use of a PIN code or electronic reader. These systems can be combined with high security outdoor alarms and with CCTV so that you can monitor who is at your hotel and to what extent. With CCTV, you can also identify criminals and staff who may not have proper ID or who may be using the hotel premises inappropriately. With the added security and safety benefits of high tech alarm systems, you can ensure that the people staying in your hotel have the best possible chance of staying a little bit safer than others who may want to break in.

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