Hotel Lock Systems

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Hotel Lock Systems

Hotel Locksmiths is becoming an important part of our lives.hotel lock system We have become so dependent on the technology that we can't live without it. The hotel locksmith plays a significant role in our lives. It is a boon when we need hotel services at odd hours like during weekends or holidays, or for housekeeping services. Also they come handy for maintaining the integrity of our valuables, especially the valuable jewelry.

RFID hotel lock system uses radio waves and only the authorized reader can activate the system by touching the card.hotel lock system Unlike the traditional magnetic stripe-based cards, the RFID chip does not require any physical interaction with the reader to gain access. This adds convenience to the users when the person is carrying luggage or shopping bags and wants to get into a secured room. The system can identify the authorized user and the access control panel or networked access control system will allow the user to gain access to the room.

There are several types of hotel locks available for the customers. They are available in the form of keypad locks, keypad door locks, digital keypad locks, cylinder locks and the mortise style locks. The cylinder type has a keyhole in the top center and a flexible cable or a handle is provided to operate the lock. To turn the cylinder lock, the user needs to open the top center section and pull the cylinder out.

Keypad door locks are generally used in the front door of the hotel or office. They can be operated using either the fingerprint system or with the help of a PIN. The advantage of this system is that you do not have to punch a pin number on the machine to open the door. The pin number can be kept in the lock itself or on a separate document. The pin number also helps to identify the authorized user.

Some hotel locks also use proximity cards. A proximity card is a plastic card that contains eight numbers. These numbers are used in a machine to unlock it. Hotel locks also use proximity cards as a means to access a room. A hotel lock system that uses proximity cards has a card reader attached to the machine that accepts these cards and verifies them using the fingerprint data stored in the system.

Another option available in the market is the keycards using low voltage re-assuring technology. This is the most popular choice in the market and has a high rate of success. Low voltage re-assuring keywords work on a circuit board. The card has a magnetic strip on one side and a metallic strip on the other side that attract a low-voltage electric current. These two strips attract each other and when an electric current is applied, they join and thus, lock into each other creating an energy barrier that cannot be broken by conventional keys. Hotel locks use this technology to allow authorized users to gain access into the property.

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