Methods For Checking Hotel Door Keys

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Methods For Checking Hotel Door Keys

If you travel regularly to Lagos and want to secure your hotel rooms, you must have a reliable Hotel Door Key.hotel door key You should protect your hotel room from unauthorized access with a Hotel Key. It will give you access into your hotel room from any alternate entrance. You will be able to check in without showing a passport. It also helps you to identify hotel staffs.

If you are transiting in Lagos via road then you may use Hotel Key to gain access into the hotel room. The best option is to use Hotel Key at all main entry points such as Onah street and Onah bridge. There are many ways of getting a Hotel Key from various Online Service providers. Some of the most common ways are as follows:

o Via Mail-In-Place (IMP) - This method is very old, as you can still check-in online. There is many Hotel Importers in Lagos who offers Hotel Keys on premium rates. They offer delivery to almost all the places in Lagos. However, the check-in time takes much more than a few minutes.

o Phone-inated Desk Transfer (TDD) - This is one of the fastest way to get a Hotel Key in Lagos. This is also the oldest method and still considered the safest way to check-in to your hotel room. A customer who calls at least two hours before the check-in time gets a free Hotel Key. The drawback is that there is a long wait time.

o Technological Telematics - Using SMS and cellular technology to track hotel door keys and monitor your security measures is now being used by almost all hotels. Many hotels use the technology to determine if a guest has left the premises and to see if they have a valid pin number. The advantage is that you will not waste precious time by visiting all the rooms and doing card checks, as everything can be checked via a mobile device. However, using the technology to track guest's movement is expensive and consumes a lot of resources. Many hotels are now using tesotech to track and monitor their guests.

o Traditional Key Logging Methods - There are still some traditional key logging methods that you need to do before you can check-in to your hotel room. It includes doing card checks with photos and serial numbers of every guest in the hotel. Another method is having all hotel guests' ID's turned in every night before they check in. This should help you prevent from missing any guests. In addition, it is also important that the information provided be as authentic and current as possible so that you can get back any lost or stolen ID's easily.

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