QR Code Hotel Door Lock

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QR Code Hotel Door Lock

If you are looking for a convenient way to secure your hotel room, consider installing a QR code hotel door lock. Its simple design and easy installation eliminates the need for key cards and queues at reception. Best of all, it's cheap and easy to use on all types of smartphones. The QR code hotel door lock is fully compatible with existing key card systems, making it a perfect choice for hotels looking to save money.

The QR code recognition technology is now being applied in real-life applications as well. A five-star hotel has gone ahead and replaced its traditional door locks with smart QR code hotel door locks. The smart lock enables guests to enter their room by simply scanning a QR code with their cell phone. The system also integrates with hotel check-in processes, allowing guests to enter and exit their rooms in an instant. Guests can even use their smartphones to enter their rooms, making it easier to prevent hotel intruders from stealing guest mobile keys.

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