The Importance of Hotel Room Safes

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The Importance of Hotel Room Safes

Hotel room safes are no more 100% secure or safe. For the most part, any hotel room safe will provide some degree of protection, but most hotel room safes will have at least one or several other security vulnerabilities. Any safe that is used for storing valuables or other cash should always be evaluated for security vulnerabilities before using it. Some hotel room safe safes can be picked or opened within as little as a matter of seconds by an experienced person. Other safes may be difficult to open or tamper with, which makes them less safe than a typical bank vault.

Hotel room safe locks can be easily bypassed through a simple riddle. If a thief passes into the room, the safe's key can be removed and used to open the safe. However, most hotel safes require a key to open; this makes them less of a risk for burglary than a traditional vault. Hotel staff can also instruct customers to keep a key hidden outside the safe for immediate use.

The majority of modern safes require a key to open, so a burglar would need a lock picking device to gain access to the contents. Many modern safes may be opened with the use of specialized locks that include an electronic circuit that opens them with a slight push of a button, making them virtually impossible to pick. These locks guard against all forms of picking, including unscrupulous thieves armed with tools like a screwdriver, crowbar or hammer.

There are times when the hotel safe needs to be transported from one location to another. For these situations, portable safes allow the contents to be transported in a compact manner. These safes may have the same weaknesses as traditional safes, so they need to be examined before use. If theft is a concern, make sure the safe's contents can withstand the weight of the contents, as well as the weight of the container it will be stored in. For example, an aluminum or steel safe can easily be broken into, but a portable one may be held together with tie down straps, cable, or some other method.

A hotel safe may not always need to be guarded at all times. There are many master key safe locks available for home and business use. This master key safes operate just like any other safe, but instead of having to open the safe to gain access to its contents, the combination code is known only by the owner. Most master safe locks are kept in safe rooms that are off limits to the general public. This way, thieves will not know how to pick the combination, or they would not be able to use the code to get into the safe.

It is also possible for the hotel staff to be issued keys to room safes while on duty. However, if the combination codes for the hotel room safes are known only to the hotel staff, there is no way for the thief to get into the building to steal as much money as he wants. Security measures such as hotel room safes should always be on a high priority with any hotel staff. When thieves know that they cannot pick the safe, they usually choose to move on to another location.

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