Using A Guardian Fingerprint Door Lock For Home Or Business

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Using A Guardian Fingerprint Door Lock For Home Or Business

The advantages of biometric door locks for home are numerous and very obvious and with today's constant advance in technology, ensuring your house is safe from possible miscreants is simply great.biometric door lock for home With the increase in identity theft and other security issues, a biometric door lock for home will help you maintain greater peace of mind. The old mantra of "an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure" is very true when it comes to protecting your home and family from would-be intruders.

A traditional lock is easy to break or manipulate: key or code combinations can be quickly copied by someone who has a keen eye and/or an excellent memory.biometric door lock for home biometric door lock for home An intruder who learns your combinations is also more likely to find a way into your property and if he does get in, he won't have to work too hard at getting through your doors because he'll be using biometric door locks which are now more secure and foolproof. The presence of an intruder alarm is also an added advantage to using biometric door locks. When an intruder alarm goes off, the response from the home alarm company is instantaneous and thus you can be sure that authorities are on their way. Traditional locks can often be opened by a child, so it's advisable to ensure that no child can easily force open your doors.

Biometric locks use a number of measurements including fingerprint recognition and iris scanning to determine a user's identity. Using a combination of these measurements, a lock can be created which can only be opened by a person who knows (and has) their fingerprints. It's not enough to have only one fingerprint - multiple fingerprints are required in order to unlock the door. An added protection is provided by having the fingerprint scanned electronically and sent to a central database. There is always a record of who has fingerprints - and this is the key that unlocks all the doors inside your house.

Most fingerprint locks require a minimum thickness of 1.0 mm to ensure complete security. The actual fingerprint is taken from a finger pad on the front of the device and then uploaded into the system. Once a match is found between the finger print and the database, the user is given the right to open the door. At no point should a person go past a finger print lock - any false information could give the impression that someone other than yourself has been given the key.

Fingerprint door locks provide a level of security that traditional key codes and coded door locks simply cannot compete with. The fact that nobody can open a door unless they know the correct password means that there is no possibility of anyone entering your house without an actual physical access to your property. Also, biometric technology means that nobody is able to use a stolen or duplicate fingerprint to access your property - a factor of great importance if you live alone or work from a remote location.

Using a guardian fingerprint door lock is an excellent way to increase the security levels of your home or business. Not only will you be completely safe from unwanted visitors, but your chances of having a fire or other serious incident are greatly reduced as well. These devices can also help to increase the level of safety around the property itself. Many burglars choose to strike at night so having a real physical representation of a guard at the front door can help deter any potential thieves.

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