What to Look For in a Wireless Hotel Doorbell System

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What to Look For in a Wireless Hotel Doorbell System

Hotel doorbell systems are systems that usually include room, status and makeup station indicators, contact name plates and electric door operators. The purpose of this is to provide easy access for guests to the main entrance of a hotel. Doorbell systems require minimal wiring and installation. This ensures quick installation with little disruption to the general layout of your hotel room. The system includes a single or multiple unit door operated by a push button.

Each of the components should be fully operational for you to be able to use your hotel doorbell. In the event of a power outage a backup generator will usually be on standby to power the control panel, touch pad and light switches. Most doorbell systems are simple to install if you follow the manufacturer's instructions carefully.

You can mount your hotel doorbell on the wall or in a casement at the front door. For a front-door-mounted unit, the switch should be mounted above the valance and is typically a safety switch with a contact plate. There is usually one main entry point with the contact plate positioned right below the valance. In an indoor panel system, the switch is usually mounted inside the wall on the closet. The entry point and switch may vary from model to model. In either case the switch must be able to be removed quickly by guests without causing damage to the wall or door frame.

There are a few features of your hotel doorbell that you may want to consider when selecting a model. The first is that the system comes with a built-in chime for your guest's entrance. The chime plays a pleasant sound to announce your guests' arrival. Some models have a small plug-in chime for the guest who uses a specific channel on your wireless system so that your guests do not need to manually switch to the chime each time they enter the room.

The second feature that your hotel doorbell system should have is an indicator for the housekeepers. Most housekeeping duties are not alarm-related. They consist of placing towels on the bathroom vanity, running a light comb through hair, and other housekeeping tasks that can be performed without alerting the guest of their presence. Your unit should have an indicator that lets the housekeepers know when they have completed their job. An indicator may also be included on the key pad for easy access by housekeepers.

Finally, the final feature to look for in a wireless doorbell is an indicator for emergency numbers. Most people will recognize the number for a fire department or local police authority. If you have an automatic system with a touch control panel, your guest could simply press a button on their keypad to call the fire department or local police without having to manually go to the door or open the window for the person who answered the phone.

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