NEWGY Fingerprint front door lock DL04

Product features

1. Slim design special for Aluminum door,wooden door and metal door.

2. Small Euro design mortise.

3. Fingprint capacity: 200 pcs.

    Password capacity: 100 groups.

    Card capacity: 200 pcs.

Technical Parameters for Fingerprint front door lock DL04.

Material: SUS304 stainless steel

Open way: fingerprint/password /13.56mhz M1 card, mechanical key for emergency power off

Door thickness: 30~60mm (40~110mm adjustable)

Door type: Aluminum door,wooden door and metal door.

Power supply: 4 AA alkline battery operated, last 16,000 times unlock

Weight: 2.75KG

Used: Home/School/Apartment

Card Type: M 1 card, 13.56MHz

Guest card capacity 200

Battery life span: 12~16 months

Voltage alarm Available

Fake closing alarm Available